Kilo’s Italian Ice

The Cookie Kitchen Bakery
February 23, 2018
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Kilo’s Italian Ice

What’s so great about an Italian ice anyways? Isn’t it basically just a glorified snow cone? Wrong. Italian ice, also known as water ice, is far more refined than that. Made in a similar fashion as ice cream, fruit concentrate and other ingredients are frozen while being mixed. Its result is a divine, sorbet-like texture along side a dairy-free and egg-free philosophy – a perfect option for our vegan and lactose-free friends!

Operating as the only local Italian ice parlor in St. George, Kilo’s Italian Ice offers a wide variety of flavors and delicious combinations worthy of a cheat meal. Mix and match as you please, drench it with rich vanilla creamer, or be bold and add a layer of vanilla ice cream (highly recommend it). Try a chocolate banana combo, go for the classic peaches n’ cream, or opt for the strawberry drizzled with decadent chocolate sauce. If that isn’t enough, their menu also includes homemade Italian sodas and other yummy drinks/sodas.

Decorated in an array of fun colors, with wood plank walls and industrial finishes, Kilo’s creates a cool and comfortable ambiance for a date night or to simply hang out with friends and family.
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-Written by Madi Michele