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D.U.B.’s BBQ

Welcome to D.U.B’s BBQ where their philosophy is “Pig In or Pig Out!” – a mantra I’m sure we could all agree upon! Being the only family owned and operated BBQ joint in St. George, D.U.B.’s offers an original experience for foodies and families alike. They pride themselves on their delicious dishes, which are prepared with their handcrafted rubs and BBQ sauces. Menu options include classic Southern grub, like deep fried catfish, mouthwatering ribs, savory brisket and the best chicken wings in town. Oh, and don’t forget to try their secret sauces, loaded with zesty flavors and authentic ingredients.

I’m a personal fan of their spicy and mustard sauces, along side the Cajun fries and homemade mac n’ cheese (I sound like a child, I know; but you know what they say, “don’t knock it til’ you rock it”).

With fair menu prices and over-sized portions, D.U.B.’s offers fine Southern dining with affordability in mind. Their For the Smaller Appetite entree comes with 2-3 meaty ribs and 2 sides of your choosing (sides include potato salad, beans, mac n’ cheese, Cajun fries, Southern Style collared green beans, cole slaw, rice, sweet yams, and black eyed pees). It’s the perfect amount of food at a bargain price of only $6.99! With prices like that, even a poor college student, like myself, can justify splurging on a good rack of ribs every now and again.

For a larger appetite, consider the D.U.B.S Big Grub, which is served with 1 lb of pork, 1 lb of brisket, a choice of baby back or spare ribs, your choice of chicken breast, wings, or hotlinks, 3 sides, and some sourdough bread to complete a well rounded died. Said to feed a family of 4-6, the entire meal comes to $59.99.

D.U.B., which stands for Devey’s Urban Barbecue, is locally owned by Cameron Devey. As the mad genius behind the menu, Cameron is confident that after one visit, you’ll undoubtedly be back for more. We can attest to such a claim and can’t wait to go back again!

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-Written by Madi Michele