Fresh Foodie Jars

Looking for something wholesome, healthy, fresh, and surprisingly delicious? Look no further! Trending now in St. George is the ingenious, at-home business, Fresh Foodie Jars. Pioneered by mother of five, Chelsi Starks, in 2015 when she was seeking to create something fast, yet nutritious to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since then, she has generated a great deal of business as the locals take advantage of her convenient, on-the-go salads.

Athletes, professionals, and children alike crave these hand held salads, with their natural flavors and original ingredients.

Salad options vary each week and can include anywhere from a savory BBQ, to a tropical pina-colada, cranberry chicken, and more classic flavors like turkey avocado and the all-american Cobb salad. There are even homemade yogurt parfait jars available to those with a sweeter tooth.

All dressings and marmalades are homemade and include NO sugar to guarantee a healthy meal. Salads stay fresh for 7 days and can be accommodated to any preference or health concerns, including allergy issues and gluten-free options. In additions, the jars are Eco friendly and provide a sustainable approach to eating! Who could refuse a business that is tasty, healthy, convenient, and environmentally friendly? That’s a platform we can support and most certainly do!

For updates on menu options and daily photos of delicious salads, follow Fresh Foodie Jars on Instagram @freshfoodiejars.

-Written by Madi Michele